Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Not. Having. That.

I neglected to mention in my posts on Margaret's flower-picking propensities last night that she also has developed a really adorable habit of putting flowers in people's (well, Ellie's) hair.  And then asking me to put them in her hair.  But mostly just harassing Ellie by trying to put flowers that she doesn't want into her ears.

Ellie does not appreciate this.

 She came around eventually, but her initial reaction was clearly that if this is the sort of thing one has to do in order to go to San Francisco, she is crossing that western city off of her must-visit list.

But it grew on her.*

Margaret liked it so much she made me put one in the other side, but then immediately ran off to peer at her reflection in the side of the car that I didn't get a picture.

*Not literally.  We wash her ears more often than that.

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