Monday, August 26, 2013


The girls are getting to where they can play together.  It is a good thing, mostly, though it was a little easier when neither of them was particularly interested in what the other one was doing.  But they are now interested in the same things, and always wanting to do them at exactly the same time.

Our house echoes with the screams of anguished children.

On the other hand, it's also very cute.

Margaret has grand dreams, of course, of a two-person cabaret team, singing her own compositions.

Ellie's not as certain about this, which means that occasionally, Margaret has to look at me and roll her eyes, because I understand that Ellie is thwarting her vision.

I feel her pain, really I do.


On Saturday, Leo and his family took Margaret and Ellie swimming in a neighbor's pool.

I went grocery shopping, which isn't glamorous at all, but I'm working full time now, and a massive weekend grocery shopping binge means that I know what we're having for dinner every night and I know that we have the wherewithal to have it.  It also means that this is on our fridge.

Sunday's menu seems needlessly grim, but what are you going to do?

Anyway, Margaret and Ellie had a grand old time, and Ellie spent some quality time with chairs.

I would share pictures of Margaret frolicking in the pool, but Leo didn't take any.

We can tell that she had fun, though, because she fell asleep at 6:30, which is completely unheard of.  Except now.  Now you've heard of it.

This isn't a picture of Saturday night; this is last night, where she fell asleep on the floor because she was insisting that she wasn't sleepy, not at all, and she couldn't stay in her room.  Saturday night, she just curled up next to Leo on the couch and quietly drifted off in the middle of The Cat in the Hat.

I Scream, You Scream

There's a way that you can tell you're the second child.  Or the seventh, I suppose, but we only have two, so if either of them is figuring out ways to tell that they are the seventh child, they have some explaining to do.

Anyway, Saturday night, we gave Margaret and Ellie premade ice-cream cone treats.  (Honestly, I'm not sure that they were actually ice cream.  They may have been "dairy dessert," which is a phrase to strike a chill in the hearts of everyone.)

And Elle thoroughly enjoyed hers.

And then, 20 minutes after we'd given it to her, I thought to myself "Huh, that was coated in peanuts.  Guess she's not allergic."

Lazy Mommy

I have been a bad blogger.  For that I apologize.  But I have my excuses, most of which involve not being home, and then being busy getting ready for school to start, and then being busy teaching.

I knew, however, that I would have some extra time today at school, and I resolved to catch up on blogging.

I then left the cord to get my pictures to the computer at home, on the floor, where it is no use, no use whatsoever.

Luckily, Leo sent me some pictures of Ellie over the weekend, and the fact that I can access them put me in mind of the fact that I could send pictures via my camera, and even though that was awkward and irritating, it might be the best option, honestly.

So I did that.

And now I am going to go and write real posts, with pictures, of things my children did.

Stay tuned.