Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Stop and Smell the Flowers

Or "My Mommy Takes Pictures at Inopportune Times and Then Exploits Me for Cheap Laughs."

Ellie was smelling flowers the other day.  She liked the way they smelled.  You can tell.


Margaret may have had the best weekend in her short life, and luckily, it was all very photogenic, so I will be milking it for the next week (saves on having to come up with new things to do to keep this thing going).

Sunday, obviously, was Easter.  We decided to do the egg hunt in her grandparents' back yard because it is more photogenic, and we could get the maximum number of people entertained that way.

We let Ellie go first, to make certain that she got some eggs, before her rapaciously scavenging sister hove onto the scene.

Margaret waited quite patiently.

Ellie found eggs.

And then we loosed Margaret from her bounds, and she was away on the egg hunt.

Ellie continued to find eggs and pose for pictures.

And Margaret raced about stuffing eggs in her basket.

And then gave Ellie the last egg.

Then they posed together sweetly.

And we went on to the next phase of photo ops, but that's a story for another time.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tough Stuff

As I mentioned, they're playing with each other, and I'm a little worried that they may have gotten involved with -- or worse, started -- a crime syndicate.

I think Ellie's in charge, too, which is a little odd.

But if one of them has to be the muscle, better Margaret than Ellie.

I bet they've cornered the market on illegal imports of orajel, and are moving into the volatile cookie market.

Foreign Economies

One of the things that I notice as the girls start to play together is that I am being excluded from their plays.*

They have developed, in our back yard, a strange system of exchange involving pebbles.

I don't know how much the pebbles are worth.  For reasons that I can't fathom, some of the pebbles are worth more than others, but I see no reason for this.  Perhaps if I were an anthropologist, I would be able to tease out the meanings of these lapidary economies, but I'm not, and I can't, and it's all a big mystery for me.

When I ask, they won't explain.

In fact, they greet my attempts at understanding with hooting derision.  So I am going to take my rocks and go home.
*Hallelujah and rejoicing, on the one hand, and on the other, I am sad.

Snacks in a Fort

Yesterday afternoon, despite the fact that it was really, really cold (well, 45 degrees) both of my children insisted that they were going to play outside for an hour or so after we got home.  But they needed snacks desperately, and they needed to eat them outside, and could I please get them, but not by going inside because they couldn't possibly go inside but they needed snacks now.

Luckily, I carry snacks in the car.

Anyway, they carried them off to the center of the lilac bush, and munched away on them.

I asked Margaret if she was in a fort, and she gave me a withering stare and informed me that they were fairies, and fairies lived in bowers, so this was a bower.

Later on, I asked if they were having fun in their bower, and she informed me (in similarly disdainful tones) that they were in their secret hideout, and were now pirates.

I'm not sure that I can keep up with this.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I'm Sure This Is Safe

The weather (well, not today, but recently) has been nice and warm and pleasant.*

And so we have been in the back yard, because it's the best place ever.  Margaret (sadly) has gotten too big for it, but Ellie loves it.

And since I am a loving parent, I try to steer her away from it, because it requires that I stand out in the yard and push, usually staring into the sun because she has decided that she prefers her pusher to be behind her rather than in front of her.

Apparently, I am a lazy parent.

Anyway, there has been an amazing revolution in swing technology at our household.

*Actually, the last few days have been raw and rainy and sometimes humid, and so I'm just pretending they never happened and thinking back fondly to Saturday, which was amazing.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sick Thursday

Yesterday, Margaret was home sick.*

She was a little listless, but not prostrate.

And so she and Ellie played together quite nicely.

They built towers together, and then -- though you can't, perhaps, exactly see it, they knocked them over by kicking soccer balls into them.

It was sort of nice.

*Today she's home sick as well, because she seems to have caught some not very virulent but long-lasting stomach bug.