Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sweet Potatoes are not his Thing, Apparently (Edited!)

We've been feeding Will again.  I mean, we've been feeding him since he was born (because we're good parents like that.  It's a low bar, but we're clearing it in two and a half of our three cases.*), but now we're feeding him food that is recognizable as food and not just a beverage.

He's on board with carrots and apples, and he's fine with an apple-blueberry mix.  He turned his nose up at pears the first time, which I don't understand, because what is the difference between pears and apples in their mushed forms?  None.  But if kids made sense, where would the fun be?

Last night, for the fourth or fifth time, I tried to feed him sweet potatoes.  He's not a fan.  Not even a little bit.

He's a fan of food, mind you, so when I started feeding him, he was excited.

(I don't have a picture of the first bite, but it was joy then tempered by disgust).

By the second bite, he was suspicious. Still hopeful that what was in the spoon was going to be something he liked, but wary.

Then he thought about it.

And decided that he was not impressed by sweet potatoes.

The funny thing is that he has all the memory of your average housecoat, so he doesn't recall that he didn't like sweet potatoes the next time you bring the spoon to his mouth.  He kept eating them with grimaces for quite a while until he realized that if one blew a raspberry with a mouthful of sweet potatoes, the sweet potatoes became someone else's problem.

*We're feeding Ellie, so that's good, but she's not particularly keen on eating.  We've gotten some fruits onto her list of foods that she's occasionally willing to eat, but nothing is displacing beige carbohydrates.  We're taking steps.  Slow steps.  They involve stickers and praise and sending her to bed hungry.

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