Friday, January 15, 2016

The Upside to Global Climate Change

I'm against climate change.  The flooding we just had in Missouri was terrifying, and I'm not particularly a fan of the large storms that seem to happen because of the rise in temperature worldwide.  Besides, think of the penguins.  But (and I will admit that when balanced against global catastrophe it isn't much) it is nice when the weather is warm enough in the middle of January to spend the late afternoon at a park.*

I stuck Will in the swing for the first time.  And so I'm going to subject you to a series of pictures of him in various levels of enjoyment because they're all so cute.  His first impression was that he didn't much care for the swing.

He was interested in the kids in the next swings, though.

Ellie didn't think that Will completely understood the joy of swinging, so she came to explain.  And then give him a kiss, which made all the other mothers googly about how cute she was.

And then he paid attention to what was going on, and realized that swinging was the best thing ever.

The first joy wore off, and he settled down into placid enjoyment.

So then, of course, I pushed him a little harder.  He liked it.

After Will had finished with swinging (or actually, when I decided that he had monopolized the swings long enough) I retired to a corner of the playground to feed him.  Ellie wanted to swing, but can't get up on the swing or pump her legs to get going.  So Margaret helped her out.

Apparently Margaret told another mother that "My mom is busy with the baby, so it's my responsibility to help my sister.  She's littler than me."

So that sounds like I'm a good parent.

*I'm usually working at that time as well, but I had to be out at school until 10:30 last night to make sure that all the little children went to bed on time, so I stole some time in the afternoon to see me children.  I'm horrible like that.

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