Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Importance of Traffic Safety

This weekend, Will and the girls and I went on the longest, most extended outing possible, taking in several grocery stores, lunch, and a number of scenic parking lots.

Will was quite helpful about all of this, sitting in carts and doing a great job of not being bored.*  So as a treat, I let him sit in the front seat.

He was initially fine with it, if a little confused.

But then he remembered that it wasn't safe for him up there, what with the lack of car seat, and the airbag, and whatnot.

So I assured him that he didn't have to sit there anymore, but could go back to his seat in the back, and he was much, much happier.

It's also possible that the story behind these pictures are that I needed to feed him out on this long outing, and so brought him up into the front of the car, and then needed to put him down while I removed some of the eleventh-billion layers that I had on.  This made him angry, but after he had eaten, and I put him down again while I put the eleventh-billion layers back on, he was smiley.

Possible, but it's not as good a story, is it?  So I wouldn't say that.  I'd just come up with the good story.

*From this, you might get that some of his sisters may have been bored, and may have chosen to show their boredom by lying full-length in the aisles of stores while screaming about not wanting to be there.  This didn't happen, of course, because my children are lovely little beings of light and wonderfulness who never, ever misbehave.  Not ever.

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