Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Physical Attainments

Will has been working on his physical capabilities.  This morning when I got out of the shower, Leo announced that he had found the reverse gear.  Apparently he scooted himself backwards across the room until he ran into a wall.  Besides that, he is up on his hands and occasionally knees, and he's getting better control of his hands.

He's also working on sitting up.  He's pretty good at it, and can lean over and pick things up.  But he's not particularly trustworthy about it.

The other day, he was sitting in front of me and having a grand old time.  I was holding his hands, but he wanted to grab the strings of my sweatshirt, and so he let go.  I was very impressed with him, and spent some time making impressed googly faces at him until I realized that he was liable to go over backwards.  I chucked a pillow behind him and started taking pictures.

He tried to grab the camera (which is his usual plan in these situations) and it turned out not quite the way he had expected.

I'm sure that he will treat this as a learning experience.

Which is actually more than can be said for me.  Last night, he was standing up holding onto my hands, and he got interested in the strings of my sweatshirt and let go, and I just let him stand there for about 10 seconds before he started getting wobbly and recalled me to a sense of my responsibilities.  I hope that he develops some sense about bodily self-preservation, because apparently I have none for him.

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