Thursday, July 21, 2011

Glamour Shot

I think Margaret wants to be a movie star.

I mean, there’s not much evidence to go on.  She likes hamming it up for people, and she isn’t what you would call camera shy.

But really, all I’ve got to go on is this shot, taken in South Dakota.  Anyone who could look like this in South Dakota is clearly on a mission that involves movie stardom.


She’s probably going to have to learn to talk a little more clearly first, though.  So I’ll mention that to her as a motivation.

Not A Morning Person


Except, of course, that she is.  The sort of morning person who wakes up and wants other people to be up paying attention to her and not still sleeping, because sleeping is for the weak, and Margaret’s parents aren’t weak, are they?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Margaret Eats A Logger Burger

There is, on the Olympic Peninsula, a place called Joyce, and in that place there is a restaurant called The Joyce Family Kitchen.  If you read their blurb, you will notice that they spend a lot of time talking about their claim to “fame,” the Logger Burger.*

So we got one for Margaret.


Actually, we took 13 adults and 3 children, and we ate 4.  I think that Margaret was upset after this picture when we took the whole burger away from her and made her make do with scraps.  She was so ready to just dive right in.

*We’re tolerably certain that few actual loggers were harmed to make these burgers, but on the other hand, loggers are becoming a scarcer and scarcer breed, and one possible explanation is that for the past 35 years, they’ve been being harvested to make Logger Burgers.  But probably not.

Beach Bum, Part 1*

Margaret loves the beach.

We took her to Salt Creek/Crescent Beach/Tongue Point twice** while we were in Washington, and she had a whale of a time.  This speaks to two things: Margaret’s intrepid nature and her good insulation.

Because it was not exactly a tropical beach.

The first time we went, it was probably 65 degrees outside (maybe 70, but there was a pretty stiff wind off the water, so it was hard to tell) and the water was probably 55 degrees.  Margaret did not let this daunt her, but charged in full speed ahead.*


She was particularly taken with her shovel and piece of driftwood, which she clung to despite all attempts to take them from her, real or imagined.


This one was imagined.

She also enjoyed kelp-poking and seaweed-gathering.


When we hauled her out of the freezing cold water, her teeth were chattering and she was turning a little blue, but she was not particularly impressed with us for ending her fun, even if the tide was coming in and threatening to cut us off.  Not impressed AT ALL.

*As she has never heard of torpedoes, she’s not as intrepid as Admiral Farragut, but still intrepid.



*I’ll do part 2 when I find the cord to get my photos off the phone.  It’s still in the luggage somewhere.  Tonight, maybe?

** See * above.

Margaret vs. The Dirt Clod

In Washington, we spent much more time outdoors than we will be for the next month or so, because it was in general a nice, pleasant 65-80 degrees and sunny.

Margaret got to help with some outdoor work, as I noted in a previous post.  She helped her Nana with weeding, convincing the clods of dirt that they really didn’t want to come around anymore.*







And then she went to get the pitchfork, which would have helped her, certainly, but her MEAN MOMMY wouldn’t let her play with it.


Mommies are well-known spoilers of all pitchfork-related fun.

*In point of fact, she shredded them over the lawn, scattering the weeds as well, so I’m not sure that it was entirely helpful in a strict sense, but she means well, and she gets dirty, so that has to count for something.

Losing My Readership

I am aware that there has been a long gap in my posts.  The reasons for this are many and various.  To wit:

1) My computer has been being recalcitrant; in Washington, it ate it’s power source alive, which meant that I was dependent on Ron, who was understandably hesitant to lend his power source to a computer which destroyed them.

2) I was in Washington, where the internet is slow and uploading pictures takes FOREVER.

3) When not in Washington, I was driving across the country with Margaret, which was tiring and hot and didn’t leave a lot of free time, though those of you on facebook got kept up to date, because I can post to that from my phone.

And finally, the one that I think holds the most water, 4) I’m pregnant again, which means that I have spent the past month and a half napping when Margaret naps, going to bed when she goes to bed, and generally feeling like a puddle of nauseated porridge.  Nauseated porridge doesn’t have to write posts on blogs.

Anyway, I imagine that you’re all giving me a skeptical look, sort of like this one:


Friday, July 8, 2011

Backson. Bisy. Backson.

My computer is on the fritz, and so the blog has been slow. I'm typing this on my phone. There will be posts when I get back to St. Louis next week. She has done many exciting things, though, so stay tuned.