Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Gender Roles

My children are insane.

Actually, that's not fair.  I'm not sure whether Will is nuts or not.  He seems to be behaving more or less as one would expect a baby to behave, with no signs of mania.  Although his antics when it comes to eating are odd, and his stubborn resistance to learning to roll over and move in the proper order is perhaps evidence of something oddly wired in his little brain.  But I digress.

My children are insane.

The oldest two refuse to wear pants because they are convinced that pants are somehow inherently masculine and that in wearing pants they will be mistaken for boys.  This is, apparently, a fate worse than death.

I've suggested that pink pants are less likely to be open to this misapprehension, but they can't see it.

Anyway, this last weekend, Ellie was going to go around with Leo to hardware stores and whatnot to get some materials for the continued transformation of our basement.  It was under 20 degrees outside, which I feel is a temperature that leggings or tights just can't deal with.  So I said she had to wear jeans.  With tights underneath.

The weeping, the wailing, and the gnashing of teeth was amazing.  I'm surprised that you all didn't hear it from where you were.  And when she was dressed, she was still convinced that people would think she was a boy.

Completely reasonable fear.

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