Friday, October 10, 2014

Playing with Fire

I've been remiss in posting these, perhaps because I am a bad person, but also perhaps because I am a busy person.  Next week is exam week, which I think will help me have more time where I am sitting in a classroom staring at children taking tests and feeling that I ought to do something other than stare at them.

Anyway, I wanted to share pictures from last weekend.  Ellie was being small and sad and gelatinous in her fever (which has cleared up, but has left her a little small and sad and gelatinous).  Margaret, however, was glorying in the fire-pit that her grandfather has built on the back part of his acreage.

Well, not actually in it, thankfully, but around and near it.

She was actually very good around the fire and didn't immolate herself even once.  She felt that the fire-pit, while all very nice in its way, wasn't quite finished to her exacting standards, and so she went and picked up some more rocks (or bits of mortar) and fixed things.  Her grandfather has many fine qualities, but he lacks her discerning eye.

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