Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Birthday!

(Some people might think that I was wishing happy birthday to one or both of my children, who will persist in having birthdays incessantly this week, but I'm not.  I'm wishing happy birthday to my mother, whose only request for her birthday was that I start posting to the blog again.  And so I am.  Happy birthday, Mom).

It is, however, a blog post about birthdays, because my children had them.  Or will have them tomorrow.

Saturday was Ellie's birthday, and in an attempt to set world records for sugar consumption, we started off with doughnuts.  Spelled properly.

I'm pretty sure that last face was a dislike of being photographed in the middle of her breakfast, because Margaret was pretty happy with the sprinkles on her sugar rush of choice.  We spent the rest of Saturday cleaning up the house, and getting things ready for the joint birthday party on Sunday, though we took a little time-out and had a family party for Ellie on Saturday night, where she had a chance to immolate herself.

That last one is apparently where we said "blow them out like a pirate, Ellie!"

So she did.

And then to bed, and another sugar-fueled day of madness the next day.

We opted for a simple party, which gave the impression of being a laid-back, easy-going party, but actually involved a great deal of work.

We actually decorated.  Well, put up a garland and blew up balloons and I monogrammed aprons for the guests.  That last bit may have been over the top.

Oh, and Ellie dressed as a doctor, because of course she did.

We had five small girls in our house.  Admittedly, two of them were ours, but that doesn't mean that they were less work.  If anything, quite the reverse.  Anyway, we made necklaces, and then we made pizzas, and then we iced cupcakes, and then we opened presents.  It was quite fun, if tiring, and I only got a moment to take pictures when we were at the icing cupcakes stage, but it appeared that people had fun.

In each of these pictures, a different child is licking her knife.  That's how you can tell they're different.

Anyway, a good time was had by all and it was a successful birthday event.

One more, and then we're done for 6 months.

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