Sunday, February 15, 2015

Margaret's Story

One of the things that I find perpetually amusing about Margaret is that she doesn't seem to think that her family is big enough.  Which is, just to be clear, ridiculous, because her family is objectively huge.  Not her immediate family necessarily (though we are pushing up on above average) but her extended family.  Leo's cousins keep having babies, and the family is close-knit enough that Margaret sees them almost as much as she sees her own cousins.  So she has no complaints.

She keeps, however, bringing bits of paper home on which she details her desires for a larger and more exotic family.

The text reads "My Ant Rosie* is in Japan to see her mommy.  She is going to moov acros the oshin to North America."  Here it is with her picture of the exceptionally colorful airplane on which she intends Aunt Rosie to move to North America.

*Margaret has no Aunt Rosie, formiciform or no.  She has invented her, along with a cousin Lucy who lives in Morocco.  When pressed, she says that Rosie is a great-aunt, so we wouldn't know about her.

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