Thursday, February 5, 2015

Doing My Job

Occasionally my job requires that I be a responsible adult outside of school hours.  Usually I complete this task on weeknights, staying at school until 10:30 pm and then staggering through the next day like a zombie who has been up past her bedtime.  A few weekends ago, though, I managed to delegate the job to Margaret, who did a marvelous job of my job.  One of the nice things about a school is that it often is littered with blackboards that are just crying out to be written on.  In case you can't read Margaret's eclectic handwriting and orthography, this says "my family is at a new house and I like it."

 She also helped me keep track of where students were.  We have a program on an iPad that monitors them, and she helped me out with it.

She got a little drunk with power, though, and had to be restrained before her evil cackles became too pronounced.

 I did let her dismiss the kids from dinner, and she thought that meant that she got to pick people to leave one at a time.  I let her do it for a minute, because it was amusing, but then I had to override her authority.

I've decided that the key to successful work-life balance is to delegate some parts of your work to your family.  That works, right?

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