Friday, August 17, 2012

My Big Girl

As we speak, Margaret is upstairs at my school, going to daycare like she’s been doing it all her life.  I’m on the last 10 minutes of my lunch, then I have 25 more minutes of Latin to teach, my planning period, and then we go off to a playdate.  Margaret’s life is a whirl of gaiety.  So is Ellie’s, but she’s smaller, so it’s less noticeable.

Anyway, a few nights ago, the weather was such that we felt that going to the park by Leo’s office was a feasible sort of a thing to do, and so we did it. 

Margaret is so competent, it terrifies me.








And you see that beanstalk thing next to her that that boy’s legs are on?  She went up that too, although she was less competent at it.  But in a few weeks, she’ll have it. 

And she can hang from the monkey bars all by herself. 

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