Wednesday, August 29, 2012

You Stop Blogging for a Couple of Weeks

And you get back, and you’ve got two completely different kids.

(Well, that may have been because I left them in the grocery store for a few minutes, and someone swapped.  Hmmm).*

Anyway, the grocery store is what I want to talk about.  Can I introduce you to the new order of things?




It means that I  have more space for groceries, and a better than usual chance that my groceries are going to get slightly smushed by Margaret HELPING, Mommy.  HELPING.

*True story – I had gotten them both wrangled into the cart and had done my shopping and then realized that I hadn’t actually brought my purse in.  So I went to the help counter and asked if I could leave my groceries while I ran out with the kids, and the nice lady came out from behind the counter and said to just run out, and while I was gone she plied my kids with stickers and games of peek-a-boo.  It seems fairly safe.

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