Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Baby's First Marginal Annotation

You know, there are milestones that everyone talks about, like baby's first step, and first tooth, and sleeping through the night, and walking and talking and all those things, but do you know what no one talks about?  When baby learns to read actively and take notes.*

Ellie's sick, and so I am skipping class tomorrow to stay at home with her, and that meant that I had to get my class prep done early, because I am currently at school at a parent conference night, and I needed to get my lesson materials on the desk for the sub tomorrow.  This meant that I needed to do some reading.  So since Ellie is the nicest baby in the world, she hung out and played around my feet while I read and underlined things in 1 Henry 4.

And when I was done, she wanted to play.

I can only imagine what will happen when she figures out how to take the cap off of the pen.  Anyway,  she thinks that the way to read is with a pen in your hand.  She was doing this to board books later on, which was completely adorable.  I like to think that she was jotting down possible corrections, because quite frankly Sandra Boynton needs a good editor. Or a bad editor.  Just some sort of editor.

*The reason for this, of course, might be that lots of kids don't know how to read actively as college students, but that is a blog post for another day, on another blog, with far more ranting in all-caps than is appropriate this venue.

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