Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sad Panda

Ellie is sick again.  Not as badly as last time (and actually, the illness alluded to in that post was the antepenultimate illness.  The penultimate was a nasty stomach bug that Ellie got after her birthday party.   Which means that she may now have bad associations with chocolate cake.  I hope I haven't given her a lifelong complex.

She is so snotty that I think the snot is coming out her eyes.  And she has a fever.  And is -- when she refuses to take my advice and nap -- kind of miserable.  But ever-so snuggly, so we're giving her a pass.

But also pathetic.  (And actually, I took this photo because I was trying to see if she was asleep, and I couldn't see her face.  She wasn't, and she saw my phone, and decided that she Needed It Now, Thank You, Mommy, and the attempted naptime came to an abrupt end.  Humph.)

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