Tuesday, February 12, 2013

In the Ba-a-ath, in the Baaaaaaaaath

For those of you who are not familiar with the source material for my title, you may find enlightenment, or perhaps simply information, here.

It's the second track included there, but the first one is also funny, and will make you a better person if you listen to it.

Anyway, this morning, Margaret and Ellie found much simple pleasure in the bath.  They've* gotten big enough that I can give them a bath together, which is both more efficient and more work than bathing them separately.  Work that one out if you dare.

Anyway, they like it.

 Particularly Margaret, who was having so much fun that she demanded that I take a picture of her for Nana, because Nana would like to have a picture of Margaret mailed to her at 7 in the morning, said Margaret.  Forcefully.  So I took the picture.

Baths really are marvelous.  Ellie enjoyed hers too, not least because of the snot-loosening effects of warm steam.  She also, however, noted that it gave her some time to work on her basketball game.  With washcloths.

She was playing with washcloths, which is a kind of an odd choice, but she made it work.  Since she is, at this very moment, deeply into putting things into other things, and then taking them out and putting  them in again, the basketball hoop was a very, very exciting toy.  I had to pry her away from it (and for once I am not employing hyperbole) when her toes started to prune.  And that is why there is no picture of Ellie enjoying herself.  Well, that and the fact that she kept her pacifier glued to her jaws through the whole adventure.  Because heaven forbid that I be able to wash behind the binky.

Anyway, world peace, here we come.  In the bath.  In the bath.

*Ellie, mainly, but Margaret is also old enough to be a bit careful.

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