Friday, May 3, 2013

Saturday Mornings

Yes, yes I'm late.

Because this week has been really busy.  Last weekend, I studied like a mad fiend so I could learn all the educational theory that most people learn while getting a degree in education.  And then on Monday, I took a test.  And then I felt like a piece of sodden laundry for the next few days.  And here it is, Friday again, and I'm getting back to the blog.

(Also, for reasons that don't bear going into, I am at school, but none of my students are, so I have hours and hours and hours to blog.  Well, and grade papers.  And perhaps write a final exam or two.  But mostly blog).

Anyway, last weekend, Leo was very helpful in my quest to sit in one place and read books and articles online and rock back and forth muttering streams of words like "Vygotsky, zone of proximal development, Bruner, scaffolding, Piaget, constructivism and four stages, rinse, repeat."  Some husbands would have been worried by this behavior, but Leo studied for the bar exam, and so has a lot of patience for completely weird studying techniques.

He took Margaret and Ellie to the park (in the pouring rain, but still), and he fed and watered and napped them.  And most importantly, he snuggled them.  (All right, maybe not most importantly, but I was rather pointedly not there for the other things, so I don't have a picture.  But I do have one of the snuggling.

Well, two of the snuggling.  Ellie also likes spending quality time with Daddy's phone.

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