Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dragon Traps

Margaret and Ellie have been building up a storm, inside and out, since they got to my parents' house.  Whether it's the more weaponizable blocks, or the wide open spaces of the front yard, or benign neglect, I know not.  The fact is, they are building.

Sometimes they are building towers and castles and houses, and sometimes they are building dragon traps.  Sometimes they are building Mommy traps with blocks left in the places where mommies most like to put their feet, but we won't discuss that at this point.  The important thing, at least as far as the photographic evidence goes, is that during Ellie's nap today, Margaret built a dragon trap.

I'm not sure the mechanism by which she intended it to trap dragons -- whether it was magic, or somehow a physical trap triggered by the presence of a dragon -- but unfortunately, it was also attractive to newly awoken Ellies, and so is no more.

So they went outside and played in the dirt outside.  There's nothing quite like playing in the dirt, apparently, for enjoyment.

They're baking a cake.  In case you wanted to know.  That stuff on the block is chocolate, and the rest is flour.  So they tell me, anyway, and would they lie?  (Probably, but they call it "pretending").

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