Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Making a Mountain

This post took approximately eleventh-billion hours to write, because there are a lot of pictures in it.  I mention this merely to impress upon people that I am frittering away my precious free time on your amusement, and they should be decently grateful.

Anyway, we went back to Salt Creek yesterday, because the weather was nicer and the elder daughter was less feverish (she's still not quite right -- she's been taking naps -- but she's a bit better).  The children got themselves into the water at the beginning and then decided that they'd be better to build sand castles on the nice warm shore.

But then they cast their eyes on the far shores, and saw other children playing at things, and thought that they could join them.  And now that I look at this picture, I see that I didn't just take a landscape shot; Leo and Ellie are setting up shop on the far shore in it. 

Anyway, we moved to the sandbar and Margaret started to build a mountain.  She insisted that it was going to be there for always, and was rather resistant to explanations about tides and what have you, so as far as she is concerned, it is permanent.

She enlisted Ellie's help to bring buckets of water to her to pour over her mountain to be a moat.  We think that there was some confusion there, but it seemed wisest not to delve.

Ellie took her job very seriously.

The deep water is the best, you know, for mountains . . . err . . . moats?  Whatever.  Deep water is better, so Ellie got it.  And Margaret worked on her mountain.

Sorry, another one of Ellie working hard to carry water.

A great time was had by all, and the sunscreen worked, so no one was miserable later on, which was nice.  Late in the afternoon, their cousins, who were camping up on the bluff, came down to play, and Ellie was so excited to see them that she ran off the end of the sandbar, which she didn't like at all, but we rescued her, and all was well.

They both fell asleep in the car on the way back, so we're calling it a win as an outing.

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