Thursday, August 28, 2014

Adventures in Birthday Parties

Weeks ago, before life became desperately busy, we went to a birthday party for Margaret's and Ellie's school friend who has lives down the street.  It was a 4-year-old birthday, just to put this in perspective.

Margaret was very excited, and chose to get her friend her own copy of The Hobbit and a small stuffed Smaug, just for fun.

I tried to convince her that we should get the golden dragon, but she held firm.  I'm not sure how I feel about this, but I just let it slide.

The party was one of those marvelous ones that I remember from my childhood, where a bunch of kids ran around in a circle in the yard.  There was water.  It was awesome.

But the biggest news was that Ellie -- who had previously eschewed all cupcakes -- ate one.  With icing.  It was THRILLING.

Meanwhile, Margaret, in the background, ate all the icing off of four cupcakes, which I didn't notice, because I was cheering Ellie on.  So there was a parenting failure, but the important takeaway is that Ellie ate icing.  This is a victory.  Leave me alone.

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