Monday, August 25, 2014

A Hole in the Head

Ellie and Margaret have decided to try to learn how to play baseball.  Or rather, Ellie and Margaret had decided to learn how to play baseball, but I may have decided that they aren't mature and responsible enough for that.

And they were doing really well, but then Ellie walked into Margaret's backswing, and got hit somewhere between the temple and the eye.

She seemed fine.  Except when she came over and sat on my lap, she stopped breathing and her eyes rolled back and she went completely limp.

For a few seconds.  Then she was fine.  Kept talking about how she wanted to play soccer while I was on the phone with the nurse hotline.  But the nurse thought she should go to the hospital because she might have had a seizure or brain damage or some such minor inconvenience.

So we went.  And we sat.  And Ellie entertained doctors and nurses alike by telling them what their equipment was for and cooperating with her check up to an insane degree.  Say what you will about Doc McStuffins, but it made this trip so much easier.

Particularly because she watched it for all the time we were there.

Anyway, she is fine.  It turns out she just got so mad about being hit in the head that she forgot to breathe.

Ridiculous child.

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