Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Ellie started school yesterday (well, her first short day to get her used to it before Margaret and the rest of the large people show up and rampage around like possessive elephants).

I couldn't go, because I was working.  It strikes me that this is one of the problems with the plan of me being a teacher.  It's great for the summers, but not as good for the days when we both have to go to school.  So I missed it,  I'm clearly not at all guilty about this, not even a little bit.  You can tell by the way that I'm not mentioning it.

Anyway, she trucked off with her bag of spare clothes, and Leo did an admirable job of photographing the top of her head, and her shoes, and her arms as she ran out of frame.

When I got home, I asked her how school was, and her response was "Mommy, I had the most amazing day!"

So I think that it went well.  She was excited to go back anyway, and has started referring to it possessively as "my school, Mommy," so I have high hopes.

Margaret, meanwhile, is being very adult about knowing everything about the school, and not needing this remedial education, so that's good.

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