Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

So Mother's Day was fun.  I mean, it wasn't what you would call relaxing -- I relaxed on Saturday, with the brilliant innovation of Mother's Day Out, where a friend and I go to dinner and a movie all by ourselves -- but it was fun.

We started with brunch, made by Leo's sister and at their new house which is also our old house, which meant that the children got to visit their play structure, which they enjoyed.  And they enjoyed it so much that I remembered to call the people this morning to get a quote on moving it, because apparently Leo and his Dad have done it once, and feel that that is enough.  It's a fair point.

Then we went home, and the children played together almost civilly for quite a while, so Leo and I got to relax a bit.  And then I went to the grocery store with Ellie.

If you have a choice, do not go to the upscale, suburban grocery store on Mother's Day.  Just don't.  It was a horrible wasteland of horribleness.

Anyway, then I went and made dinner for Leo's mom.  Ellie helped.  Mostly with the dessert -- she decided that instead of strawberry shortcake, she would just have plain shortcake.  But she did lick the beaters after whipping the cream, so that's a win.

I'm not sure what the headband is in aid of, but it was very important to her psyche yesterday, so we just didn't ask questions.

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