Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lawn Maintenance

We spent some of the weekend working on the external appearance of our house.  We acquired a lawn mower, bought some potted plants and herbs (at the instigation of the children, which makes me wonder what their grandmother is teaching them at her house), and generally spent time outdoors.

Ellie and Margaret were very helpful.*

Some of Ellie's help suggested that she had ideas far above her station.

But we soon found her something that was more her speed.

She is an expert waterer, and also a very good nagger when she feels that her parents are not watering the plants as much as they ought to.

The girls also helped Leo assemble the lawnmower.  None of them read the instructions.

Ellie got frustrated after a while, but it's hard when no one respects your artistic vision for the lawnmower.

After the lawnmower was assembled, the girls sat on the porch and supervised Leo mowing the lawn.  You have to keep your eyes on Leo when he's mowing.  You never know what he's going to do.

*We're going to be using a specialized definition of "helpful" that has little to do with the actual meaning, and speaks more to their perception of their actions than to the reality.

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