Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ready for School

I know, I know, it's been a school-heavy couple of days, but a) pipe down, you're getting posts so be 'appy with them, and b) that's what the kids have been doing.

Anyway, Ellie has been behaving like a small demon recently, and we figured out that part of the cause was that she was missing me in the mornings, so I have (heroically, I might add) rearranged my schedule so that she sees me in the morning.  Also, Leo has been busy so I have been taking them to school more in the last few days, which means more time for photo ops.

When I take them to school, of course, there is a bit of time pressure, since I have to drop them at 8 on the dot in order to arrive at school on time for me, and so I have been encouraging them to get ready in an expeditious manner.

I encouraged them so well yesterday that they were ready, snacks and lunches and sound of the week artifacts clutched in their hands by 7:20, and we didn't need to leave until 7:45.  So I took a picture, and then we chatted about things.

It turned out that Ellie was dissatisfied with the zigzag that I had made her for z, and wanted me to make her a paper zipper that was not attached to any clothes.  I said I couldn't do that, and she was very offended by my substandard paper skills.  I will work harder next time.

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