Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring is Here

Not that we're going to start singing Tom Lehrer songs about it, of course, because although we went to the park, we were relatively careful of the avian life, and besides, I don't let my children carry poison around.

Anyway, in the last week the weather has become quite pleasant, and the days are getting longer, so one afternoon, I picked up a picnic supper on my way home from school, and we took it to the park by Leo's office, so we could eat and play.

The children were very excited to be outside, running towards playground equipment.

And they seemed to enjoy playing, although Ellie felt that I was being a little too generous with the pushing on the swing.

Leo also seemed to have fun, though I assume that since he can come over and swing on the swings whenever he wants, so it's not as novel for him.

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