Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Child Labor

When Margaret was a small person (well, a smaller person) she had a railing on her bed and a tendency to jump on said bed while holding the railing.  The railing was not designed for this harsh usage, and cracked both itself and the bed frame.  We continued to use the bed frame, and were careful of this weakness at the end.  Until a few weeks ago, that is.  I was sitting on the edge of the bed, and my abilities to stand up have been adversely impacted by this small internal person of mine, so getting up off the bed was not done as gracefully as has been done previously.  To put it another way, I leaned on the crack, and finished the job.

Margaret insists on telling people that I broke her bed, which is partially true, but also partially false, and I feel it important to point out that if she had not jumped excessively as a small 2-year-old, we would not be in this position.  She broke all the slats that way, and we had to replace them with solid oak.

This weekend, we had a grand bed shuffle.  Margaret's bed frame came out of the house, as it was no longer useful.  We made the children to most of the work, since that seemed the most efficient way to accomplish what we wanted.

Ellie seemed to dislike having a large bed (and I disliked that there was room for me to snuggle with her, since she had a habit of demanding it at 3 am when my reserves of resistance were low), so we set the crib back up in her room with the side off.  She seems very happy with her small bed, and when she came and asked me to snuggle and I said there wasn't room, she said "oh" and went back to bed.  That's a win.  Margaret is glorying in having a double bed, so that's good.  I also feel that Margaret will be more amenable to being shifted when we have visitors, since she is a more flexible person at the moment.

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