Monday, June 16, 2014


For the first time since my children were born and not forcibly restrained in strollers, I made it through the full length of one of my nephew's baseball games (and for a bonus, two of them were playing on the same team, so it was like two games).

I assume that this is because Margaret and Ellie are older and more mature, and because I had lots of help, and -- of course -- because they fell asleep on the pavement.

They didn't, unfortunately, actually fall asleep, but they played at going to sleep for a while, and Margaret was very solicitous about snuggling with Ellie.  I reminded them that our "no getting kicked in the head" rule easily extrapolated to a "no getting your head stepped on" rule, but they more or less ignored me.

In their defense, this picture was taken at 9 pm according to their internal clocks, and they were very, very tired.

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