Monday, June 16, 2014

She Can Quit Anytime

Ellie has been having a bit of a pacifier regression.  I adopted the position on the airplane that I wasn't going to fight anything that kept her happy and her ears popped, and so we ended up with a number of pacifiers about her person.

She is allowed them in the car and in bed (although in the car requires somewhat special circumstances, like a long car ride).  And I have adopted the compromise solution of allowing her to keep one in her pocket during the day as long as she only puts it in her mouth when she's allowed to do so.*

And that's going relatively well.**

But last night, when I went in to check on her, it transpired that she was taking the opportunity to revel in her licit pacifiers.  I direct your attention to her chest.

So maybe it's time for an intervention.  I'll get to that next week.***

*This is aspirational.  I try.  But you know, the kid really likes her pacifiers, and . . . well, I wouldn't take away a stuffed animal or a blanky, so why this?  Particularly when she moans that she wants her daddy if we leave her mouth unstopped.

**It works about 50% of the time that she asks for a pacifier, anyway.

***Only I won't, because I'm leaving her with her Nana, and I imagine that she is going to backslide.  Ellie, not her Nana.  Though her Nana might.  But that isn't any of my concern, so I'm not going to worry about it.  Bringing up children is bad enough.  Bringing up parents is just impossible.

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