Tuesday, June 17, 2014

One Morning in Washington

There have been a great number of missing teeth in the last few days (see title), but none of them belonged to Margaret or Ellie.  Or me, for that matter, which is good, because my missing teeth tend to be expensive to replace, and painful besides.

Anyway, various cousins have lost teeth, or had loose teeth (or both!) this last week.  But this post isn't about that.  What this post is about is taking Margaret and Ellie out to Lake Crescent for a walk on the irritatingly named "Moments in Time Trail."

It is a lovely, flat, mile-long loop from the Lodge to the Lake and back through the woods.  There are big hollow trees, draped moss, a nice beach, and so many things to pick up and insist on carrying.

They started off with their backpacks, because they both wanted to take their water bottles, and they NEEEEEEEEDED their backpacks for the transport thereof.  It seemed a lot of production for a short walk.  When I was young, we were just thirsty.  Or we drank water from random streams and got giardia like ordinary, decent people.  Humph.

Also important to have along was a walking stick; Margaret found her own, but Ellie needed some help, and was particularly difficult to fit with a walking stick that was short enough for her to carry, and sturdy enough for her to stump along with.

And then Margaret saw the water and pelted off towards it.  More on the water tomorrow.  The upload speed here is so slow that it takes an hour or so to get the pictures ready.  Just so you all know how much I have to go through for your brief reading pleasure.

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