Tuesday, July 14, 2015

In Which Puck is Disappointed in Us

Puck has never really been a fan of the children.  I mean, I think he figured out that damaging them would not go well for him, because he's never been aggressive with them, but he's never sought them out or tried to make friends with them.  He's relatively fond of Ellie, I think, because one of the great joys of Ellie's life is feeding him his food, but he's not on board with our decision to fill the house with small people.

This is the look of a cat who is disappointed in the choices that you have made, and is muttering to himself about the fact that he got neutered.

Or it's a cat who wants me to stop taking googly-eyed pictures of the baby, and instead concentrate on doing something sensible, like getting him his food, because Ellie isn't there to do it for him.  One of those, though.  Definitely one of those.

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