Friday, July 10, 2015

It's Either Mommy or a Plush Monkey

So we came home from the hospital today, which is nice, because the hospital lacks a) comfy chairs and b) adequate heating.  I'm not sure why they keep it so cold, but it was chilly, and since I've only been there in winter when one imagines that one will need socks and long sleeves, I hadn't ever noticed.

I noticed this time.

Anyway, we brought William home, and set his car seat down in the living room.  There's not a lot that you would think that he would be able to convey about the changes that have been rapidly occurring in his life, but he gave a good impression of serious and honest thought.

He did not deign to share his opinions with any of the rest of us, but I am sure that they are valid and sensible.

Of course, when we put him in his bouncy chair, he tried to eat the monkey seat cushion, so it's unclear how much high-level thinking he's really doing.

I'm also a little put out by the fact that he apparently thinks that I'm a lot like a monkey appliqué.  But I suppose that there were many similarities, like the fact that both I and said monkey have been near his cheek.

Anyway, we're all home, and I have not let my pique at being likened to a bouncy seat carry me too far.  We're still feeding him.

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