Friday, July 10, 2015

The Cutest Sisters on the Block

I'm sure that at some point, the charm of having a little brother will wear off, but last I saw (before they headed off into the wilds of Wisconsin with their grandparents), both Margaret and Ellie thought that Will was pretty cool.*  Margaret is very loving, but also polite.  She asks before she squeezes.  They both love to hold him, so it will be quite the adventure once they get back.  Anyway, I love all the pictures of them together.

Ellie has been more concerned with his health.  Wearing the scrubs to the hospital nearly killed me.  It also nearly killed battalions of nurses, pediatric residents, med students, etc.  I had people coming into my room to ask to see the pictures because they had heard it was so cute.  So I am sure that you all want to see them as well.

So we're hoping the whole sibling thing goes well.  We'll keep you posted.

*The first time they came to visit, Margaret may have done the cutest thing ever; she slipped over to where he was, and sang "Billy Boy" to him very quietly, as a lullaby.  Sometimes she's amazing.

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