Friday, February 19, 2010


First, I'd like to thank Brent and Char, whose steady supply of cute babies over the years have given me lots of practice eating and holding a baby.  I think that the dexterity I developed practicing with their children has given me a head start in my own mothering.

Last night, I fed Margaret and then we were going to have a nice spaghetti dinner (made from one of the 27 containers of sauce I froze in the two weeks before M was born).  About halfway into our dinner, she decided that she actually hadn't been finished, thank you, and would like to eat some more. 

So here was the conundrum.  I was starving, and the thought of stopping my meal and letting it get cold hurt me.  On the other hand, the cries of a hungry baby are pretty much impossible to ignore (however much I knew that she wasn't really starving, since she had eaten a pretty good meal not 10 minutes before).  So we compromised.  And Leo took pictures, because he thought it looked funny.


Just to be clear, the bowl is not resting on her.  I am holding it against my chest and with the fingertips of the hand that is supporting her head.  

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