Friday, February 19, 2010

Our Baby Went Wireless


She has effectively doubled her wardrobe with this move, which is good because her hobbies of eating and expelling waste have been a bit hard on her collection of sleepers.  It will be good to have a few more options so that we can perhaps dial back the laundry schedule a bit.

Also, those of you who gave her cute pants outfits, watch this space!  Pictures are sure to be forthcoming.

EDIT: Not 20 minutes after I posted this, after I'd stuck a load of dirty laundry in the wash, which included all her sleepers but the one she was wearing, she took advantage of her semi-recumbent position and the slightly sloppy fit of her newborn diapers (the ones that have the cut out place for the umbilical cord stump) and drenched both herself (and me, as I was her reclining place).  So she has now officially graduated to larger diapers and pants.  She looks very grown up, and I am trying to cope with the fact that I just dressed my baby in a pink pantsuit.

It helps that it has very cute panda feet.

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