Friday, September 7, 2012

Come On, Legs, Move!

Ellie is investigating crawling.  She’s not really getting there, exactly, but she’s trying.  Of course, I’m not sure that she’s aware that she is trying to crawl.  She wants to reach things that are further away from her than she can get to, and she sort of flings herself (in slow motion) at them.

But it’s going to result in crawling sometime soon, I promise.  And then she’ll be able to get away with she shoe like she’s trying to here.


Also, she’s working on her innocent look.  You know,  the one that she’s going to give me when she has accidentally crawled into some priceless antique china that I had kicking around the floor.


And, of course, she’s not really quite up on all fours.  She tends to keep one leg curled up under herself in case she needs it. 


Anyway, world, watch out – here comes trouble. 

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