Thursday, September 13, 2012

The House

For those of you who are not interested in the progress of the remodel of my upstairs, feel free to pay no attention to these pictures, which are from Saturday anyway, and so probably not current.  At least, I hope they’re not current.  Because work needs to keep going, yes it does.

Anyway, they are not the best, but I’m really figuring that it’s easier to load this up in Turkey than an email full of pictures, so Kate can use them to check the progress of the project.  First off, here’s a picture of Ellie sitting in the sling getting ready to go into the house.

“Hello, phone,” she says.


And then smiles winsomely.  “I’d like to get to know you better.”


We didn’t listen to her, though, and went inside.  There has been lots of cleaning, which is nice, because we are no longer wading through drifts of drywall dust. 

And we have a bottom step.


On the right is the old bedroom floor, and in the top, you can just see the edge of the stairs.  There’s some funky wood color going on, but there was some finish on the light piece, so I think that they may think it’s going to stay that color.

But there’s a railing for the stairs.  Which is nice.


And upstairs, Margaret’s room has floor.



And, the bathroom is getting some tile.


And there is a russet wall as one comes up the stairs.


And it has doorways in it.


(Ellie joggled me as I took that one.  It was supposed to show the entrance to her room as well, but she messed it up).

And we have a bedroom.



And so does Ellie.



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