Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Margaret has been throwing rocks.  This seems a little unfair.  We spend all day saying that she shouldn’t throw x, y, or z, and then we take her off for a little fun rock throwing to let off steam.

There’s a contradiction in there somewhere.

Anyway, she has taken to throwing rocks like a duck to water.  She’s very hard on herself, though, because when the rock doesn’t make it to the water, she says “that wasn’t very good,” but we won’t let her get that close to the water, because it will have deleterious effects on her footgear, so we’re kind of hamstringing her. 

But, you know, it burns energy, what will all that running up  and down and picking up rocks and ranging up the beach and bending and just walking around on rocks.






Ellie seems unimpressed with the whole enterprise, but that’s just because she wasn’t being allowed to put the rocks in her mouth.


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