Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Educating the Young

Leo, when not setting up massive climbers in the backyard, has spent a reasonable amount of time this weekend trying to teach our children how to swing.

Cynics might argue that this is ultimately self-serving, because if he teaches them how to swing alone, then he will never have to give them fish, if in this metaphor the fish is self-sufficience.

Which fish usually are.

So he demonstrated pumping legs (on a swing which was much too short for him, which amused me) and made little jingles for them to recite to themselves if they forgot which movement went in which direction, and he gave them little pushes and tips and lots of help.

And then he bowed to the inevitable.

Because Ellie is a sneaky child, with a very cute way of asking for things.

Also, I'm beginning to suspect that Leo has fun on the swings.

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