Friday, May 30, 2014

Our Small Water Park Adventures

One of the things that both Leo and I have thought is that the slide on our play structure, being an enclosed and plastic sort of slide, would make an excellent water slide, were someone to run a hose up to the top and put a wading pool at the bottom.

So yesterday afternoon, I did that.

The first set of splashes is Margaret, the second Ellie, and the third Margaret.  Ellie only went down a few times -- 4 or 5 -- but Margaret went and went and went and went.  It was her favorite thing ever.  If I hadn't dragged her in last night, she'd probably still be on it, although I like to think that some of my neighbors would have called the police about child abuse, but perhaps not.

Anyway, it was a horribly water-wasting pastime, and I am glad that we are not going to be here all summer, because having shown them that it is possible to do that, I'm not sure that I would be allowed to not do it if we were here in the worst of July.  I imagine, however, that there will be a lot of August spent in the pool.

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