Monday, May 19, 2014

Speaking of Cleaning

I've been on a Spring cleaning rampage.  Really, I've stopped having to go to job interviews, or prep classes, or do work related to school, and so I have time in the afternoons to clean.  It's lovely.  Particularly since we're going to have a nanny possibility come over some afternoon this week, and it's a lot easier to get someone to sign on for a job with the expectation of "light housework" when the house looks like the housework would only be light if you had a bulldozer tucked into the back room.

So I tidy.

And Ellie, who likes tidying, helps me.

And when Margaret tries to come and take the vacuum, screams "NO!  This is my bacuuun!  Marget, you get your own."

Because you don't get between Ellie and her cleaning supplies.  Not if you want to live.

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