Friday, May 23, 2014

Hell Has Frozen, FYI

This is not about the movie Frozen, although I could write many pages about the space that it is taking up in my children's imaginations.  Ellie insists that she is Anna, and Margaret is Elsa, which is the game that Margaret wants to play as well.  Every so often when I am getting annoyed about something, Margaret will say "Let it go, Mommy, let it go" which is passive-aggressive and annoying.  I told her it wasn't helpful, and she said "But it was a quote, Mommy," which is both precocious and EVEN MORE IRRITATING.

But that's not what this post is about.

Last Sunday night, we decided to try to have the girls share a room for the night.  I want them to share a room, because it seems to me that we are wasting a great deal of real estate at the moment on sleeping quarters for children who only sleep in their bedrooms, and that they're old enough to share a room, and that they should.

It went badly.

I mean, it wasn't too bad exactly.  They had a blast.  They gabbed and chattered and shrieked with laughter.  For about an hour after when they were supposed to be in bed.  Finally, seeing that they weren't going to go to sleep unless we sat on them, and probably not even then, we separated them.

There was much consternation from Margaret, and so it took another half an hour to get her calmed down.

This meant that on Monday, she was rather short on sleep.  Monday afternoon, we ended up driving in stop and go traffic for about a half an hour (never go somewhere at rush hour.  Never.)

And the unthinkable happened.  Margaret has been very anti-nap for years and years and years (which is 6 years at least.  I know that that's longer than she's been alive, but I feel that her anti-nap feelings merit that description).  But somehow, on Monday, in the car, she conked out.

This picture was taken by holding my camera up above my head at a stoplight.  I'm not proud of the composition, but in the circumstances, I think it's pretty good.

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