Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Apple Picking

While at the farm last weekend, the children helped to denude an apple tree, and unlike most of their defoliation projects, this one was entirely licit.

We couldn't find the ladder, though, so they had to use Leo.

Unlike most conventional ladders, however, he had a head that could feel pain, and so getting bopped in the head every time an apple was picked began to wear on him.  

Ellie wasn't quite tall enough or strong enough to get the apples off the tree, so she was the apple carrier.  She ran them back and forth, and put them in the picnic basket with a great deal of force, until restrained.  They had a great deal of fun, and plotted apple pies all the way home.  Well, Margaret plotted them.  Ellie has gotten to wear she will eat applesauce (oh, FRABJOUS DAY), but apple pies are not on her list.  Well, Kate made carrot cake the other night and Ellie horfed if up, announcing that Grandma made the best carrots.

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