Wednesday, September 17, 2014

At Mommy's School

One of the things that has been interesting this year is that Margaret and Ellie both think that they should know more about my school than they do.  They have this distinct sense that they knew people at my last place of employment, and this gave them an edge over their Daddy, who didn't.

And now, they aren't coming with me to school everyday, so they don't feel that they're in the know.

Two weekends ago, I forgot some things on my desk, and needed to go pick them up.  Margaret came with me, and met some of the boarding students.  She was completely enamored of the concept that you could live where you went to school.  I don't think that she made the connection that these kids don't have their parents with them, but I don't know that she needs to.

She spent some time last week letting Ellie know that she had seen Mommy's office and it was so high off the ground, and there were kids and a hammock there.  I'm not sure that Ellie felt as put down as Margaret meant her to, but it seemed to me that we should get Ellie out ASAP.

Luckily, last Sunday they had a welcome back BBQ.

Ellie insisted on sitting in the shadow, so we have no good pictures of her.

 Well, she was grumping here, and decoded to get up and come over and sit in the shadow.

 And then she drank a water bottle all by herself.  It was splendid.  And did not end up all down her front.

Meanwhile. Margaret sat in the sun and ate potato chips.

And looked as beautiful as it is possible to look while eating potato chips.

Ellie is trying to learn how to smile.  It's more of a grimace.

 The whole evening gave Margaret a lot to think about.

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