Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tech Support

Leo's computer bit the dust, which was sad, but expected.  It had been making groaning sounds, and ominous clockings, and generally behaving like a computer who needed to enter hospice care.

However, we've never been people to heed the wishes of computers if there was any extraordinary measure that could wrench them back from the brink for less money than a new computer.  And so Leo decided to investigate.

We aren't computer experts, but luckily, we had Ellie to help.

Leo took care of the reading, and Ellie was the muscle.  And the supervision.  Because she's the one with the tousled hair and eclectic fashion choices of an IT professional.  She's also the one with access to plastic cups for holding teeny-tiny screws.  Clearly the best choice for computer repair.

Incidentally, it failed, and we got Leo a new computer.  But I'm sure they did their best.

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