Wednesday, September 10, 2014

More Umbrella than Necessary

We went to the Botanical Garden on Saturday, because it was the first day that had been chilly and rainy, and so we figured that most people would not be heading off for outdoor pursuits.  It's not that we're misanthropic, exactly, it's that Margaret is a wormy, speedy little person, and we prefer not to lose her.

Anyway, it was threatening to rain, but not actually doing it.  So it was quite pleasant.  The lack of rain, however, in no way deterred our intrepid daughters form demanding umbrellas, which they couldn't (in the case of Ellie) manage, or wouldn't (in the case of Margaret).

So Leo helped Ellie.  I helped for a while, but I did have the onerous task of taking cute pictures, which is close to full-time.

Luckily, it is hard to hold an umbrella and ride sheep, so we got a respite.  Well, Leo got a respite.

And then we went to the ducks.  Margaret has gotten unaccountable large in the last few years, and can climb the railing and give her mother 17 heart attacks as she puts her feet on the next to the top railing and leans over.

Ellie didn't get the memo that we were feeding the fish; she thought we were feeding her fish if she looked like a fish, so she tried with her wide-open mouth.*

And then she tried to fall in the water in her own special way.  See?  You don't need to jump off the top.  You can go through the railing.  Eep.

*Not really.  She was just excited.  And really, can you blame her?

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