Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Places to Go, People to See

When we were in Minnesota, the car situation fell out that the best thing to do to get to the rehearsal dinner was for Dan, Kate, Ellie and I to go an hour before it began, and for Leo to follow with the rest of the entourage.  That meant that Ellie and I had an hour at a farm while the final preparations for dinner were happening.  The caterers weren't getting it right, so she had to give them what-for.

And then she had to try out the amenities.  You know, because she's the oldest of the pack of two-year-olds, and so she feels a responsibility to them and their entertainment.

She also tested out the tractor toys on the tables.  They got two tractors up, because she wasn't going to let go of them long enough to actually put her thumbs up.

Anyway, she enjoyed herself.  And the tractors.  And bossing people.  That's my girl.

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