Friday, September 19, 2014


We went to the park near our house last night for Margaret's and Ellie's welcome back picnic for school.  I like to think of it as the aspirational kale salad showcase night, because people always make things that they think their kids ought to like, rather than things that their kids do like.  Or else their kids like it, and other kids don't.

Anyway, last year, I made sausage rolls and they disappeared very quickly.  This year, I was lazy and brought cheese and crackers and salami.  Also completely gone.

So there's a message there.

After dinner (and before dinner, and some during dinner) the kids rioted at the playground.

Ellie was carrying the weight of the play structure on her shoulders.

Eventually, she collapsed under the responsibility*

Margaret, meanwhile, was engaged is some corporate mushroom-spinning activity.  She seemed to enjoy it.

* A responsibility is a lot like a circumstance.

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